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Rachel Joy VanRooyen, Handcrafted Jewellery

Mixed-media Wearable Artwork

Free Shipping Anywhere in Canada!‚Äč

Visit my new shop, 'Ampersand Gift Studio' 

953 Queen Street, Kincardine, Ontario

Now open for regular hours and in-person shopping...

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Welcome to my online store...

A brief introduction to my collection of hand crafted jewellery...

I construct my designs with wooden beads and shapes that I have dyed and layered with paint. I fasten them together with silver, brass and/or copper wire. Then I accent my designs with my own lamp-work glass beads along with semi-precious stones and shells.

I try to ensure that my pieces are not only attractive to look at but also wearable. They are light-weight and durable with pleasant textures so that each item can be treasured and worn often.

My ear-wires are sterling silver so that they are safe for sensitive ears.

There are seven colour groups to explore this season. They include Honey and Bronze (Golden honey yellow, soft saffron, amber and bronze with silver accents) , Moods of Lake Huron (Blue) (Denim blue with accents of charcoal, silver and grey), Sunset Blush (peachy pastel pink accented with sandy neutral tones and copper wire), Classic Black (a perennial favourite, charcol and black accented with silver and grey),Coastal Fog (Creamy white with silver, grey and cream) and Coming soon, Frosted Orchard Plum (Shades of plum, with pearly grey, and hints of blush pink) and Hidden Arbour, (Rich deep teal with shades of green, turquoise and bronze accented with copper and silver).

Click here to check out Honey and Bronze

Click here to check out Moods of Lake Huron (Blue)

Click here to check out Sunset Blush

Click here to see Classic Black

Click here to see Coastal Fog

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