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Rachel Joy VanRooyen, Handcrafted Jewellery

Mixed-media Wearable Artwork

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Classic Black Collection

One of my signature 'Treasure Pendants', this one in shades of black, charcoal and grey made with a combination of dyed and painted wooden shapes fastened together with silver wire, accented with hammered silver wire, pewter, iridescent black-lip shell, black lava-rock, lamp-work glass, embossed silver and obsidian, strung on a 24" wax cord. Pendant is removable.

10" Black Treasure Pendant (blktreas2)

Classic Black Anklet

Made with a combination of my own lamp-work glass, pewter, embossed silver, glazed terracotta and black lava-rock strung together on strong waxed canvas cord, this anklet is available in 10", 11" and 11 1/2". Choose appropriate size below.

10" Black Anklet (BLKA222)
10 1/2" Black Anklet (BLKA224)
11" Black Anklet (BLKA223)

Classic Black I.D. Lanyard

A fun and unique way to wear your I.D. this lanyard made using a combination of my own lamp-work glass beads along with labradorite, hematite, silver, black lava-rock, freshwater pearls, pewter and glass seed beads strung on strong tiger-tail coil. Useful for general work I.D., conferences, cruises etc. Comes with detachable plastic sleeve.32" long. (The quick release magnetic clasp in case of yanking makes my I.D. Lanyards suitable for medical and law enforcement professionals as well).Scroll down to check out matching bracelets and earrings.

Classic Black I.D. Lanyard (bl1)